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Clinical Nutrition. Obesity and Overweight

What is its function?

The unit is intended for the diagnosis and nutritional therapy in all areas of medicine. An adequate nutritional status is essential to have excellent health, energy and weight control. Nutritional Education is basic to achieve this.

What is Nutritional Education?

Our priority is education of eating habits especially emphasizing:

  • The number of intakes per day..
  • Food quantity.
  • Nutritional combinations.
  • Social considerations of family and work environment.
  • Supplementary exercise.

How do we establish YOUR DIET?

  • We plan a personalized diet, according to their clinical needs and food preferences.
  • We advocate a balanced diet that includes all the nutrients without waiting for miraculous effects. We put the effectiveness before timing.
  • We stress the importance of regular controls and regular monitoring to maintain effective motivation.
  • We request periodic biochemical blood tests to certify a metabolic safety.
  • We analyzed anthropometric and impedanciometric results to ensure greater accuracy and reliability in the body composition assessments.

Who is the Unit for?

Our unit benefits from being part of a multidisciplinary medical team that facilitates the exchange of clinical information and allows us to design the best therapeutic strategy with its nutritional support adjusted to each specific situation.

We provide nutritional support to:

  • Amateur and professional athletes.
  • Pregnancy and menopause.
  • Situations of overweight and obesity.
  • Elderly patients.
  • Metabolic diseases: diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia.
  • Digestive, renal, hepatic and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Cancer patients.

Who is part of the Unit?

The unit is integrates by professionals with extensive experience in hospital and outpatient nutrition sector.

  • Graduate dietician, specialized in General Clinical Nutrition.
  • Graduate dietician specialized in sports nutrition.
  • Graduate dietician, specialized in Nutritional Support for the Elderly.
  • Medical Internist specialized in Metabolic Pathology.
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