The Institute of Cardiology and Internal Medicine

Caring for your cardiovascular health is our reason to exist.


The Institute of Cardiology and Internal Medicine (CMI) was born with the objective to provide a high quality medical assistance in cardiovascular diseases. To achieve this, we focus on treating patients humanely. This is our priority.

We offer a comprehensive health care through a multidisciplinary team of specialists directly related to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases with the help of cutting-edge diagnostic technology.

Working as a team together with a last generation medical software, facilitates the on-line exchange of clinical information with the aim of ensuring better preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic planning.

We follow a continuous clinical update to be able to apply the most recent advances in cardiovascular medicine. By doing so, we can maintain the highest standards in clinical practice.

Our aim is to look after your health.
Clinical excellence is our compromise.

Thank you for your confidence.