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The members of the multidisciplinary team of CMI are very active, both nationally and internationally, at conferences, symposia, educational workshops, aimed at improving cardiovascular health habits. The goal is to spread the knowledge associated with their disease and treatment.

Discover our CMI audiovisual library, with useful and practical information from our experts.

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Fighting definitely resistant hypertension: renal denervation

CMI: Sports Medicine: Pre-sports check-ups

CMI: Preventive Medicine: Medical check-ups

CMI: Internal Medicine: Chronic kidney disease

CMI: Internal Medicine: kidney failure

CMI: Internal Medicine: Hypertension HTA

CMI: Sports Medicine: Stress test gas analysis

CMI: Sports Medicine: anaerobic threshold

CMI: Cardiology: Coronarography

CMI: Cardiology: Exercise stress test

CMI: Cardiology: Sudden death

CMI: Cardiology: Physical exercise and cardiovascular disease

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