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Smoking cessation

Smoking is a bad habit or an addiction. The World Health Organization defines smoking as a chronic, relapsing addictive disease.

Is smoking really so dangerous?

Today, the evidence of the harmful effects of smoking on health is undeniable. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable premature death worldwide and a major cardiovascular risk factor.

Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

Cigarettes contain nicotine that induces tobacco dependency. The tobacco industry uses tens of additives in order to cause increased addiction in smokers, increasing their consumption. That addiction, coupled with withdrawal symptoms, causes numerous symptoms that limit and delay the decision to stop smoking. It is a very difficult to abandon this toxic habit.

The filter type, length, diameter and porosity of the cigarette paper, influence the absorption of smoke and its chemical components. Substances of tobacco resulting from their combustion will be responsible for producing and increasing addiction.

Are there less harmful types of tobacco?

There is not any less damaging tobacco. All of them contain additives. The belief that certain types of snuff may look greener or less harmful is not true. In the smoke we can objectify thousands of toxic, carcinogenic gases and even lethal chemicals. All substances in smoke are subsequently absorbed by all smokers and people who are around you.

CMI will help you quit smoking

It is hard to quit. It is more difficult to make the decision to smoke to get it. Our practice offers treatment protocols based on clinical evidence enabling more effective smoking cessation to overcome this addiction without the dreaded discomfort or unpleasant effects.

The analysis of their smoking history and assessment of dependence, will help to individualize treatment in order to obtain optimal results in addiction to smoking, according to current medical guidelines and protocols.

Quitting smoking is beneficial for your health and your family

Quitting smoking improves quality of life and decreases the incidence of smoke-related diseases.

The advantages of leaving the snuff are almost immediate. Clear symptoms improvement, and improved physical performance, sense of smell, taste or breathing capacity appear. At the same time, the risk for cardiovascular disease or cancer will gradually decrease.

Any time is good to quit.

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