punt-blau-titols Diagnostic tests

Excercise stress test


What is it?

It is a functional diagnostic test which is used primarily to identify the presence of coronary disease. It also allows to assess the response of blood pressure and pulse during exertion, to induce arrhythmias and to assess the patient’s physical capacity.

What preparation is required?

The patient should wear comfortable clothes and shoes for exercise.

How is it done?

The exercise is performed on a treadmill. Using a stepwise protocol, it will progressively increase the speed and tilt of the treadmill. The patient will have electrodes attached to the chest that record the electrocardiogram continuously through a monitor screen. During the study automatic periodic measurements of blood pressure and heart rate are obtained.

The test has a very low rate of complications as long as it is properly indicated and supervised by an experienced cardiologist.

Stress test gas analysis (ergospirometry)

What is it?

Excercis stress tests in athletes are complemented by direct analysis of inspired and expired gases (measuring 02 CO consumed and removed) that allow a determination of the maximum consumption of 02 and accurately detect your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds.

What is?

To determine the anaerobic threshold, useful for correct planning training loads through its correlation with heart rate parameter.