punt-blau-titols Diagnostic tests

24-hour ECG monitoring


What is it?

This is a 24-hour continuous recording of the heartbeat. The electrocardiogram is stored on a tape recorder which will be later analyzed to identify the presence of cardiac arrhythmias and cardiac blocks.

How is it done?

It is a simple exploration that involves placing electrodes on the chest, and to carry a portable recorder. The patient must perform a normal life during the day and take note of incidents or symptoms which may be felt. The recorder is removed 24 hours later and data will be processed.

When it is indicated?

The Holter ECG is particularly suitable for the study of syncope and cardiac arrhythmias.

What implications entails?

The study does not require hospitalization. It is an outpatient test. During registration the patient can not shower or sweat excessively to avoid displacement of the electrodes.